Coffee Solutions is one of the leading and last remaining privately owned business-vending specialists, providing a diverse range of coffee and drinks machines and associated products.

We use years of combined experience to give groundbreaking yet common sense answers to each of our customer’s various requirements and needs, all bundled up with value for money and good old fashioned customer care.

Our business is built on a simple premise. We stick to what we’re good at – drinks vending machines, simply great coffee, simply great care and supplies for the workplace.

We excel by focusing on what we’ve been doing for many years – attractive, compact drinks machines that serve a range of quality drinks quickly, easily and with the minimum of effort and cost to you!

Whether you’re looking for a hard-working drinks machine for the factory floor, a reliable quality coffee machine for the office, or a bean-to-cup system for the boardroom, you’re always guaranteed one thing – simply great coffee at work . .

You can’t beat the theatre, smell and romance of a traditional Italian style coffee machine, but even the world’s best Barista can’t match the continuity and speed of today’s amazing automated “bean-to-cup” machines. So how do you know what coffee machine is right for your business?

Coffee Solutions have sourced a selection of the world’s most popular machines and incorporated them into a complete rental package with everything you’ll need to produce and serve a fantastic cup of coffee…this is how it works:

Choose a machine that best suits your requirements, but ask yourself a few questions like, how many drinks are going to be used per day? Who’s going to operate the machine? How much time do you have to serve a drink? Is it to be coin operated? Do I need traditional or automated? Coffee Solutions offer is the concept of Simply, great coffee!!”, but what does that mean to you. Coffee Solutions is not about average coffee, average service and average customers.

Put simply, Coffee Solutions is about sharing a passion for great coffee, dedicated to superior products, exceptional care, simply great coffee!! oh, and always being the best.

To us it means putting everything we have into making sure we deliver a service you’ll love and tell others about – we don’t say “we can’t” or “we don’t”– our mission statement is we can and we will.

Authorised dealer of top brands

  • Bravilor
  • Azkoyen
  • Borg and Overstrom
  • Coffetek
  • HLF
  • Iberital
  • Iberital Cunill
  • Jura
  • Macap
  • Sanremo
  • Flora Tea
  • Franke
  • WMF
  • Lincat

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