A Micro Market is an ideal solution for any busy business or commercial space.

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Time is precious, and many people spend a lot of time in transit during lunch hour. It would be convenient and efficient if there were a way to reduce this wasted time, and MicroMarkets eliminate the need for staff to leave the office. Your canteen can offer staff what they want when they want it.

What is a MicroMarket?

Micro markets are an innovative solution to replace a traditional canteen. Customers can have refreshments from their very own convenience store. Fast and efficient, your employees will love the ease your Micro Market offers. Micro Market vending machines provide a selection of food and drinks. You take the items you want, scan them, and pay at a self-service checkout. These unmanned, self-service canteens provide the perfect solution for your organisation.

Why Does a Business Need a Micro Market?Micro Markets - Convenient Solutions for Customers and Staff

The main benefit of using an on-site market is the convenience for customers, but there are many other ways that it will help your business.

  • A canteen requires much effort to run smoothly as you need dedicated staff to serve and maintain the canteen.
  • Managing this can be problematic for 24-hour businesses such as hospitals.
  • A Simply Great Coffee Micro Market is an obvious solution.

Benefits of a MicroMarket

Above all, a Micro Market is a cost-effective solution for your business. Since you do not require staff to work in the canteen, this will reduce your overheads. You also need less space, as a micro market simply requires an unoccupied wall. We live in a fast age, and your staff will appreciate the simplicity of your canteen. And best of all, your staff and customers have access to a wide range of healthy and fresh refreshments.

Payment Options

Online shopping is a booming business, and this is mostly down to convenience when it comes to payment. Most people prefer cashless solutions and a fast and convenient payment method. This carries over to your Micro Market. Your staff and visitors can still pay with cash, but also with credit cards or other means such as their phones. The more payment options you offer, the easier it is for people to enjoy your facilities.

Will a Micro Market Work for My Business?

  • Micro Market solutions can be custom-made to suit your needs and environment.
  • Simply Great Coffee can offer you a bespoke solution depending on your available space.
  • We supply the Three Square Market product and can maintain and stock your business.

Call us today and see how our Micro Market vending solutions can work for you. Our friendly staff are on hand to offer advice on how to approach your new venture. Together, we can find the best solution to serve you and your employees.

Micro Market in a Converted Shipping Container

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