Sharing Our Passion for Coffee

We have developed a range of beans roasted exclusively under licence that we believe offers the best in Espresso coffees.

Our Coffee beans are packed in one way valve sealed bags and date stamped, ensuring the optimum in freshness and quality, elements vital to high quality coffee production.

What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

As well as giving us a well-needed energy boost to help kick start our days, the type of coffee that we drink is also said to be able to reflect our personality.

A recent psychological study compared different individuals personality traits against which type of coffee they drank. The results uncovered certain trends that showed that there was a link between a person’s personality and their choice of coffee.

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You are a hard working individual with a strong sense of responsibility.  You are also a natural leader and like to stay on top of things. People look up to you and admire your level of commitment in everything in everything you do. You’re focused and heading in one way… to the top!

Triple Espresso

Your lifestyle is go go go! There’s no time to pause, you like to fit as much into your day as possible and you need your regular caffeine hit to keep you going! Perhaps you should slow down once in a while to take a well-deserved nap?!

Caffe Mocha

You’re fun-loving and creative with a fantastic imagination. You have many hobbies which you like to pursue in your spare time. You may love art, music, going to the theatre and creative writing. Coffee is great for fuelling your creativity and you couldn’t live without it!

Caffe Latte

You like to go above and beyond the call of duty for the important people in your life. You can be slightly neurotic and indecisive at times, as you care about other’s opinions of you. You also like to please others, maybe you should make some time for yourself to sit back and relax with a cuppa!


You’re a bubbly, friendly person with a great sense of fun. You’re a dreamer and like to look forward to the future. You’re also in touch with your inner child and have a playful sense of humour. One of the main reasons you drink cappuccinos is that you love foam moustaches.


There’s no doubt about it, you’re a trend setter and people look to you for the latest fad and the next big thing. You’re young at heart, fun and you love going to new places, being adventurous and trying new things. You also love ice cream too, so combining it with coffee is your idea of heaven.


You’re clean living, health conscious and like to keep a close eye on counting the calories. You’re organised, disciplined and pay great attention to detail. You like to be in control and are highly motivated. For a change once in a while, why don’t you try a half caf? Go on be a devil…

Irish coffee

You like coffee but you also like a proper drink too. You’re spontaneous, loud, fun and great to be around. You love socialising and your friends see you as the go to person for a good time. You’re most likely to be found in the pub!

Black coffee

You like to keep things simple. You’re down to earth, no nonsense but perhaps a bit set in your ways. Familiarly is important to you and you like to stick to what you know. Maybe you should try something a bit different like a Frappuccino… you never know, you might even like it!

So if you’re a homeowner, a coffee shop owner or work in a corporate environment then make sure you choose Simply Great Coffee to bring great tasting coffee to your visitors and customers alike. Our team of coffee experts are on hand to answer any question. We cover areas of Cambridge and Newmarket so feel free to contact the team or call 01223 833 661.

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