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Bespoke recipes designed for our machines


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for all our customersWe offer a maintenance back-up

Our extensive stock of spare parts and many years of technical experience ensures the quickest and most effective response to any problems your machines may experience. Our water filtration programme minimises scale damage and accentuates great tasting coffee, and our annual servicing schedule is guaranteed to prolong the life of your coffee machine investment.

Fully Managed Services

Our dedicated vending operators will fill, clean and maintain your machine. Coffee Solutions renowned operated service means you can enjoy all the benefits of a superb refreshment system while we manage the day-to-day operation for you. Our team of uniformed and fully trained vending operators will keep your machines topped up with the highest quality drinks and snacks. In addition, they will clean and sanitise the equipment, and undergo preventative maintenance to keep the service in perfect order

A bespoke service which offers a day-to-day filling and cleaning of the coffee machines. Also included is a full parts and labour warranty and our fully managed service offers fast response to any service call placed.

  • We have a team of engineers trained directly by the vending machine manufacturers.
  • We provide a fast call response service using a fleet of fully liveried vehicles.
  • Help Line: Available 8.00am to 10.00pm Mon-Fri and 9.00am-16.00pm Sat & Sun.
  • Current average call out response within 6 hours

Delivering High Quality- First Time, Every Time

We don’t just deliver your machine, we plan to ensure that the whole process from delivery to installation runs as smoothly as possible and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Our process starts with an on-site visit by an engineer, who establishes accessibility to the building and to the area/s where the equipment will be permanently placed.

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Maintenance and Operating Support

Coffee Solutions keep a substantial allocation of spare parts for the machines we offer, coupled with our fast response time, and fully qualified engineering staff being trained by manufacturers, means you receive simply, great service.

With ongoing use, coffee machines require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they are operating properly. A leader in coffee machine installations, Coffee Solutions also delivers professional maintenance services for all coffee machines and related products. Our goal is to ensure you get great coffee from your equipment.

There are a number of reasons why your coffee machine needs regular preventative maintenance work. Different minerals and salts in water can lead to scale being deposited in the machine. This build-up must be removed from time to time in order to ensure a good coffee flavour. Plant fats and oils along with acids and other chemicals from coffee beans and ground coffee can also find their way in many parts of the machine, which can cause problems with your equipment. Many components of your coffee machine also experience general wear and will need to be replaced before they cause a breakdown.

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Coffee Machine Maintenance

Coffee Solutions keeps your coffee machines running smoothly in order to deliver delicious coffee day after day and reduce downtime. We work hard to extend the lifespan of your coffee machine so you make the most of your investment. Our qualified technicians resolve all performance issues, as well as identify any potential issues such as wear or problematic deposits that might affect the safe and efficient operation of your machine before they cause a problem.

For further information contact the team or call 01223 833 661. Our team of coffee experts are on hand to answer any question.

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