Caffe Marco Gourmet Coffee Beans (1 x 500g)

Cat No: CAF0026

Caffe Marco Gourmet Coffee Beans Great Taste 2016 Winner!

A chocolatey coffee with hints of dark fruit acidity. Great as an everyday American or milk based drink for those looking to have a limited caffeine intake. Strength Guide 5

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Caffe Marco Gourmet Beans

Origins: India (Kerala, Karnataka)
January - April
900 – 1200 masl

Origins: India

Cup Profile: This coffee is a full bodied punch coffee with a velvety mouth feel and bittersweet cocoa notes in the aftertaste. It is pleasant as an espresso or in milk based drinks.

India: This high quality natural processed robusta is shade grown amongst other plants such as cardamom and pepper. This coffee is full bodied with a velvety mouth feel and dark cocoa notes in the aftertaste. This coffee lends itself to adding power to an espresso blend.

From the Four Corners of the World

For a taste of the truly luxurious our Caffe Velluto Gourmet Coffee Beans encompass beans from Brazil, Central and South America, Ethiopia and India.

The natural Brazilian Arabica beans are sourced from Minas Gerais offering the blend sweetness, body and a smooth mouthfeel. The washed Central and South American coffees are high grown and give a clean, crisp texture and medium levels of acidity. The Colombian coffee gives winey in body with an orange like acidity. Finally, the natural Indian robusta provides a full bodied kick to the blend.

Our unique medium dark roasted blend is well rounded with the sweetness of toasted almonds and molasses, for espresso and milk based coffees we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

For Those Who Delight In a Morning Cappuccino.

A cup of our Caffe Espresso Gourmet Coffee Beans in a latte, cappuccino or espresso is an enchanting way to begin your day. The blend brings together beans from Brazil, Central America and India to create a profile that is full bodied whilst remaining velvety and smooth. Balanced with milk chocolate, fruit and toasted hazelnut, we know you’ll find it as delectable as we do.

Here at Coffee Solutions we don't just trade in coffee, we are passionate about it. We want to bring you the pleasures of coffee from around the world so you can share in our passion and make your coffee drinking an experience to be savoured.

All our coffees are made exclusively under license in the UK for Coffee Solutions

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