Borg & Overstrom U2 Undercounter Water 30l System Chilled & Ambient


Unrivalled Performance solidly practical and visually striking, this innovative range brings a high capacity refreshment solution to any Horeca environment

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If your preference is to buy, our sanitisation and filter change service will maintain the quality of your water and prolong the life of your machine.

Or we have a range of lease rental plans that include installation, maintenance and repairs and 3 monthly regular sanitation and 6 monthly filter change visits.

U2 Models

  1. Direct Chill, Undercounter System, Chilled & Ambient 30l System - Model 601362 £1250.00
  2. Direct Chill, Undercounter System, Chilled & Sparkling 30l System - Model 601364 £1450.00
  3. Direct Chill, Undercounter System, Chilled & Ambient 60l System - Model 601352 £1750.00
  4. Direct Chill, Undercounter System, Chilled & Sparkling 60l System - Model 601380 £1850.00
  5. Direct Chill, Undercounter System, Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling 60l System - Model 601392 £2200.00

Key Features

  • Robust, solid build quality
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Available in ambient, chilled and sparkling
  • Aesthetically striking
  • Compact undercounter unit
  • High capacity output
  • Install kit with Filter included
  • Power requirements - Hertz 50/Volts 220-240

Max power consumption

  • Chilled & Ambient 150W
  • Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling 405W
  • Chilled temperature - Min 2°C/Max 8°C
  • Throughput litres per hour - Chilled 30/60

Tech Stuff

  • Dimensions WxDxH
  • Undercounter 270x240x400mm
  • Twin Head Tap 220x250x350mm
  • Dispense Height 250mm

Max power consumption

  • Chilled & Sparkling 405W
  • Chilled & Ambient 365W

Dimensions W x D x H

  • Undercounter 262 x 450 x 485mm
  • Triple Head tap 220 x 250 x 470
  • Dispense height 250mm

Our story began with a belief; that water is the ultimate tool for creativity, productivity and health.

This was followed by a pledge to create water systems that are efficient, functional and aesthetically beautiful. We have worked for years with industry experts in order to uphold and deliver that pledge. With an unmatched range of water systems, our trained experts have the tools to ensure that you reap the vast benefits that water brings with it.

Available accessories

  • Sanitisation Kit
  • Sparkling Refill (CO2E290) (600g)
  • CO2 Regulator with Gauge
  • Large Driptray

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