8/9oz Triple Wall Ripple Takeaway Cups 1 x 500 (250ml)

Cat No: CUP026

Triple Wall / Ripple Paper Cups are specifically designed for far greater heat retention, the dual layers work in a similar way to a thermos flask; trapping air and isolating the customers hand from hot beverages. In addition to this, the extra rigidity is ideally suited to “coffee on the go”.

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These cups are exclusive to Coffee Solutions. The Cups are avaliable in 8/9oz or 12oz sizes.

  • 8/9oz Disposable Paper Cups
  • Triple Walled Insulation
  • Cups Made With Paper From Sustainable Forests

Our best insulating cup, a heat transfer rate that keeps the coffee hotter for 15% longer, whilst remaining cool enough to hold comfortably.

8/9oz Ripple Cups really do have a quality feel to them and quite simply look great.

Made with paper from a fully sustainable forest. Ensuring that all paper materials used are fully renewable. We would encourage you, as our customer to recycle your disposable paper cups when possible.

9oz Triple Wall Ripple Cups are the perfect drinks cup for any hot beverages. The ripples help to keep the drinks inside warm while the drinkers hand remains cool making 9oz Triple Wall Ripple Cups the ideal cup for coffee, tea or any other hot beverages. 12oz Triple Wall Ripple Cups are a practical and economical option that any coffee vendor would love.

And don’t forget, we can deliver all the add-ons you need, from lids to stirrers. Just ask for more information by contacting us today on 01223 833661 or fill in our enquiry form.