PG Tips Freeze Dried Instant Tea Granules For Vending – 10 x 100g

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Product Description
These PG tips Instant Tea Granules is perfect for use in a vending machine as well as with the kettle. It contains all the refreshing flavour of tea, only freeze-dried. So you get all the great taste of tea without the inconvenience of tea bags or tea leafs.
PG Instant Freeze Dried Tea Granules for vending machines – Used to fill canisters of automatic vending machines and cappuccino/speciality coffee machines. 100g bag that’ll do 200 cups. For when you need a brew in a hurry.
We’re firm believers in the power of a cup of tea. Sometimes, a warm cup of the good stuff is just enough to keep life’s problems at bay, or give you a little pick me up when you need it most. In an ideal world, you’d be able to enjoy the great taste of PG tips wherever you go, but since we’re not quite there yet, how about some PG tea in your vending machines? No need to bring in your own tea, kettle or mug, and perfect for when you’re on the move or short on time. No one should be too rushed for a cuppa.
One 100g bag equals 200 cups of PG tips, which means 200 relaxing moments for employees, customers or the general public to enjoy from your vending machines. Once you get PG tips tea in your vending machine, you’re sure to see some calmer, happier faces about the place.
Ever since 1930, PG have worked diligently to make their tea as full-flavoured and as mellow a drink as possible, to give you the absolute best in blissed out moments. They’ve proven themselves as masters of all things warm and brewing.

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