Chocolate Sprinkles Shaker Drum 1 x 250g

Finish off your range of speciality drinks with a light dusting of one – or even two – of these immensely popular toppings.

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Product Description

With our Chocolate Sprinkles you can quickly and easily decorate your cappuccinos or lattes.

The Chocolate Sprinkler is excellent for perfecting you hot beverages.

This shaker drum is self contained with 3 sizes of opening on top to control how much powder you are dispensing each time – no need to pour the product into another shaker to use.

Simply twist the top of the shaker drum to one of the three sized openings, and top your drink with a light dusting of this high quality product.

Tubs of chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles, pieces fudge shrapnel and chocolate flakes are all available individually.

1 X 250g

This product is produced from our own unique recipe to produce the finest drinks and is made exclusively under license for Coffee Solutions.

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