Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Replacement Water Filter

Replacement Brita C150 Quell ST Water Filter System. Average Capacity 1,500 litres (12,5 degrees Clark).

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Product Description

Specially developed for use in the food service industry, and catering and vending sectors, PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thereby preventing scale deposits in the appliance.

Areas of application:

  • Coffee machines
  • Vending machines
  • Combi ovens & conventional ovens

These units need changing every 6 to 12 months or X thousand litres of water dependent on the brita water filter and the water hardness, our engineers can do a water hardness test for you and advise the best option for you.


Purity C150 Quell ST Capacity: 1,500 litres at 12,5 degrees Clark (moderately hard) with fixed 30% bypass. Dimensions 117w x 108d x 421h mm

Purity C500 Quell ST: 6,800 litres (12,5 degrees Clark, moderately hard – 30% bypass). Dimensions: 149w x 149d x 554h mm

PURITY systems are compliant with TÜV, SVGW, WRAS, VA, and other national quality marks.

All about the art of brewing coffee

Hot beverages consist of up to 98% water—no doubt that this ingredient plays a vital role during preparation.

Water quality may vary by region. For example, if the composition of minerals contained in the water is not balanced, the aroma cannot fully develop.

Water quality is of central importance for the machines as well. Using a BRITA water filter prevents the scale deposits building up in your machine which can lead to breakdowns and limited efficiency.

Quality at the touch of a button

Quality hot and cold drinks from vending machines are part of our everyday life. Offering a diverse range in this area means huge expense for the operator in terms of travel time and personnel to fill and service the machines.

As beverages and soups from vending machines consist of up to 98% water, the water quality is a key factor. Not fulfilling the requirements for vending drinks due to regional particularities has a detrimental effect on the products and machines.

Extremely hard water containing limescale, for example, can make coffee taste bitter or even sour. And the higher the proportion of lime in the water, the faster the limescale builds up in the machine. This can lead to enormous additional costs, as the wear on the machine is increased and more energy is used unnecessarily.

Vending machines have to work hard — after all, they run almost continuously. To ensure high-quality machines run perfectly, water filters from BRITA Professional for the vending sector are the perfect solution.

We couldn’t even begin to imagine life without the “quick cuppa here and there”. To ensure that you can offer your customers consistently high quality, the filter solutions from BRITA eliminate unwanted tastes and odours from the tap water, allowing the typical aroma of coffee or tea to develop.

BRITA filtered water has consistent and reliable properties. For the preparation of coffee and other beverages this means the carbonate hardness is reduced, while all the minerals needed for flavour development are retained. You can therefore rest assured that you are doing everything possible to achieve optimum efficiency and quality—and the best possible success.

Take care of your machines and integrate a water filter from BRITA Professional.

Water—the prerequisite for enjoyment

Ideal coffee water is fresh and pure in taste and has no discernible odour. It should be mineral-rich, yet have a balanced mineral content. A total hardness of 7–12°EH, a carbonate hardness of 3–4°EH and a pH value of 6.5–7.5 are ideal (Source: Deutscher Kaffeeverband). Only then can coffee develop its full aroma.

For your appliances

  • The risk of limescale deposits on machines is minimised
  • Particles do not enter the machine
  • Maintenance can be performed on a preventative basis
  • Your services costs can be significantly reduced For your sales
  • Your coffee and tea specialities and cold drinks are always of the best quality
  • Your customers are satisfied
  • In this way, you gain long-term loyalty of existing customers and easily attract new ones

For your customer

  • They enjoy full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Coffee and specialities with great crema
  • Appetising soups without lumps
  • Tea with a perfect colour, without an ugly surface film or deposits on the rim of the cup
  • The finest specialities of today

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