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Looking for a Coffee machine, Cup Warmer or Water Boiler? We’ve got you covered on all three!

The Coffee Cup Café, based in West Keal, Spilsby offers a warm welcome to all those who need to stop and refuel throughout the day. Serving delicious cooked breakfasts all day and a variety of different lunch specials provided every day. If you’re looking for a café that offers top class food and friendly service – look no further! Recently taken over by Jeremey and Helen, now a family run business – we wish you every success and are happy to be part of the new venture.

We have recently installed a brand-new Vitale S B2C and a fully refurbished Cup Warmer and Bravilor HWA20 Water Boiler to the Coffee Cup Café! The Vitale B2c is available as Mains Water Fed or Tanked, this machine is designed with a small foot print in mind, but with big aspirations providing quality drinks made with freshly ground beans every time. It would be classified as an ‘entry level’ machine if you are looking to provide Espresso – Americano – Cappuccino – Caffe Latte – Chocolate – Mocha – Hot Water, one size drinks. Great for small hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, offices or with the Tank Fed option, mobile or exhibitions where plumbing is not available.

The Bravilor HW-series quickly brings large quantities of water to the correct temperature, available with or without water connection. We have many different models available, dependent of the need for hot water and the location where the machine is used.

The Coffeetek Cup Warmer is the perfect companion for your coffee machine as coffee always tastes its best when served hot. That’s why all professionals work with correctly pre-warmed cups as a matter of principle. If hot coffee is poured into cold porcelain cups, a lot of heat is lost – if you need that extra heat, this could be your solution!

All our Refurbished coffee machines come with a 6 months warranty, (unless otherwise stated) any machines that have been refurbished will have been through our workshop. The machines are stripped down to the basics and any parts required will be replaced and any exterior work will be restored to the highest level.

The Coffee Cup Café have also decided to fill their machines with our Caffe Velluto Gourmet Coffee Beans, 100% Skimmed Milk and Simply Dutch Hot Chocolate. Alongside their machine they have chosen to use various flavours of delicious Birchall Tea Bags and both white and brown Sugar Sticks.

Ensuring that their coffee machine continues to perform at the highest level, the Coffee Cup Café have spoken to our Sales Team and discussed the best products to use with the daily maintenance. The Vitale S B2C machines require Cleaning Tablets, Liquid Quartz and if used as a tank fed machine, Descaling Tablets. At Coffee Solutions, it’s about supporting the customer not just with ingredients but knowledge of equipment. Simply, great coffee supplying a complete package. If you are unsure of which products are right for your machine, contact the team at Simply, great coffee today!

We would like to thank the Coffee Cup Café for choosing us to supply their machines and ingredients. We look forward to continuing to offer our services, products and advice in the future.

If you would like any information on our MachinesSupplies or Servicing, please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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