The Best Filter Coffee Machine for Events

The Best Filter Coffee Machine for Events

The best filter coffee machine for an event will depend on a number of factors. We know that hot fresh coffee without having to wait is something that people have come to expect. This applies to a wide range of situations and venues, from cafés and bars to private functions and large events. For a small function a table top machine and small filter coffee grinder may be all you need. For a big event demand is likely to be high, and you’ll need something with greater capacity.

Here at Simply Great Coffee we have the perfect filter coffee machines and coffee filters for every situation. Having the right equipment is key to making sure your event goes smoothly, and we’re here to help.

Small events

Providing the service people want is just as important at the small events as it is at the big occasions. Demand for coffee and other hot drinks may be steady but fairly low volume. The Bravilor Bonamat Mondo 2 could be the ideal filter coffee machine for such occasions. No water connection is needed, and the unit is compact and easy to transport. Providing deliciously brewed coffee into two glass decanters, the aroma itself will provide a continental touch to any gathering. Operation and maintenance are quick and easy, and the double brewing system provides ample quantities. The machines are finished in high-quality stainless steel for a stylish and contemporary look.

Medium size events

The bigger the event, the higher the demand for hot fresh coffee is likely to be. For that reason an appliance with extra capacity may be needed. The Aurora thermal brewer from Bravilor Bonamat could be the best filter coffee machine for a medium size event. The free-standing dispenser serves up to 5.7 litres, with the flexibility to create homemade blends. The coffee is delicious, as you would expect. But the hot water dispenser also offers options such as tea or soup. The Aurora series is stylishly designed in durable stainless steel, and a perfect fit for any location.

Big events

At any event of a reasonable size, guests will want different things at different times. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be a constant demand for hot fresh coffee. The best filter coffee machine for such an occasion should be simple and easy to use. But it should also have the capacity to satisfy demand. Most important of all, it should provide great coffee. The Bravilor Bonamat B10 Bulk Brew Filter Coffee Machine could be the ideal choice. The machine brews large quantities of coffee into separate containers, and features a digital display for ease of use. It also features a built-in timer and a signal to tell the user when the coffee is ready. This is a machine capable of producing 60 litres of coffee per hour. Along with the quality of the coffee, that should be more than enough to keep guests happy.

Whether you’re serving 5 coffees a day or 500, the team at Simply Great Coffee can help you find the perfect solution. Call us for more information.

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