The Best Espresso Machine for Commercial Use

Whether you work in an office, coffee shop or hotel, having the best espresso machine on hand is vital. The right espresso machine keeps you, your fellow workers and clients satisfied, energised and motivated. Making the right choice for your commercial enterprise depends on several factors including likely usage, quality, budget and ease of use. At Simply Great Coffee we have a range of machines that deliver great tasting hot beverages that are sure to satisfy all coffee enthusiasts. Whatever size, colour or price you require, we can meet your needs. So what should you consider before investing in a new coffee machine?

What To Look For In An Espresso Machine

When purchasing a new coffee machine for your business, there are some key factors to consider:

  • How large is your commercial space? Is it a small office with a few employees, or a larger business with many employees and customers?
  • How many in your business are likely coffee drinkers? Some employees may not be coffee drinkers, while others may drink multiple cups a day.
  • Of those who are coffee drinkers, how many cups are they likely to consume a day?
  • Where is the best location for the machine and how much space is needed?
  • What is your budget limit?
  • How easy is the machine to operate for the average user?
  • How will you maintain the machine after purchase?

Considering these factors will help you select the best espresso machine for your business. At Simply Great Coffee we have been advising clients for over 20 years on which product will best suit their needs. As well as supplying coffee machines, we include services such as training, installation, maintenance, refurbishments and more. With this in mind, here are some examples of the superior quality coffee machines available.

Excellent Quality Coffee Machines

While all our coffee machines are first rate, here are a few brands we can recommend:

  • Bravilor Bonamat have been supplying coffee machines worldwide for over 70 years and have a huge selection of machines available. Bravilor Bonamat have a great range of compact instant coffee makers that are ideal for dispensing creamy espresso or espressochoc. They also have bean to cup machines producing perfectly brewed coffee, including delicious cappuccinos, moccachinos and double espressos.
  • Franke have been supplying coffee machines for hotels, restaurants and stores for years and have a reputation for excellence. Their range of innovative bean to cup machines incorporate user friendly touch screen technology and can produce between 150-300 cups a day.
  • Iberital have been supplying cafes and restaurants with functional and reliable coffee machines for decades. Iberital coffee machines can produce a variety of flavours, are anti-splash, durable and robust.
  • Jura have been developing high quality innovative machines that promote simplicity and sustainability for nearly a century. Jura have a selection of smaller bean to cup machines that are perfect for small businesses, right up to larger machines that produce up to 250 cups a day.

These are just a few of the brand names we carry that provide exceptional coffee machines for commercial settings. Explore our range of espresso coffee machines for more ideas on the best coffee machine for your business.

Simply Great Coffee

Simply Great Coffee can help you find the right machine for your business and will even install and train you in how to use it. For the best espresso machine for your business, contact us today online or by phone to find out more.




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