The Best Coffee Machines with Grinder Function for Catering

The Best Coffee Machine with Grinder Function for Catering

With the UK now drinking around 95 million cups of coffee every day, it’s clear the country has a thirst for the brew. However, it can be difficult to keep up with the country’s thirst for coffee. Catering businesses need to be able to source the best coffee machines with grinders. Coffee machines need to be versatile, fast and reliable, to keep the cups coming and meet the nation’s demand. Fortunately, a quality machine and coffee grinder will help speed up the process for both caterers and customers. However, caterers need to know what to look for to get the best coffee machines with grinder functions.

The Best Machines and Coffee Grinders

For the fastest coffee machines with a grinder function, you might consider a bean-to-cup machine. Firstly, the Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious range comes in a variety of models with the option for 1 or 2 in-built grinders. Two grinders allow a greater variety of bean options, without compromising on speed. Also, some models provide two dispensers to help serve coffee as quickly as it’s brewed. The machines’ touch screen interfaces make them simple to use. Also, there is additional marketing potential thanks to custom visual options. Some machines can even provide statistical data, to help caterers track their daily use.

On the other hand, the A1000 model from Franke offers swift bean-to-cup coffee with capacity for up to 3 built-in grinders. This machine includes a simple touch screen interface granting access to a variety of drink options. These features make the A1000 one of the most versatile coffee machines with a grinder function. Likewise, you could opt for Franke’s Flair and Pura bean-to-cup machines. These models offer compact form and quiet running sounds, complete with a grinder.

In addition to this, a catering business looking to make the best espressos and coffees might consider traditional coffee machines with separate electric coffee grinders.

Find the Best Grinder Machine at Simply Great Coffee

Bringing bags of heritage from the heart of sunny Barcelona, Iberital have a suite of fully automatic, traditional espresso machines to help serve up all kinds of coffee at speed. Across the range are a variety of 2 or 3 group options, to help you pick the right machine size for your business. Iberital’s Intenz range provide swift control over portion sizes. On the other hand, with their Scandinavian-inspired Tandem 2 range, baristas have the tools to create latte art with built-in temperature stability and a latte wand.

Any traditional coffee machine is best paired with an electric grinder for the coffee beans. Iberital provide a range of options with different bean capacities for all kinds of businesses, like their MC10 and MC11 models. These models come with automatic controls over the amount of ground coffee in the doser.

Simply Great Coffee have some of the best coffee machines with grinders for all your residential and catering needs. Our team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions. Feel free to get in touch today.

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