South Cambridgeshire District Council


We are pleased to announce that we recently won this tender and will be working in partnership with SCDC to provide a range of machines and services.

In addition to the various Hot drinks machines required, SCDC required a premium hot drinks machine for the canteen service offering the complete range of continental drinks made fresh from the bean using fresh milk to achieve the maximum quality available.

SCDC also required a range of Snack and Can machines that will be filled and cleaned by Coffee Solutions. In addition to this SCDC also required a further machine that can store and dispense perishable items such as sandwiches and cakes.

Coffee Solutions have supplied a range of fully recycled refurbished Hot drinks machines that will be filled and cleaned a minimum of two times per week. Coffee Solutions have also supplied a range of fully recycled refurbished glass fronted snacks machines along with some can machines and a glass fronted can and bottle machine to stand alongside some or all of the hot drinks machines on each floor.

For the meeting rooms we have supplied the Bravilor Bolero Coffee machines and in the Members lounge we supplied the Vitale, a small bean to cup machine offering all the high street quality coffees available from Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Espresso, Black Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Caffe Mocha and Hot water for tea.

For the Canteen Services Machine Coffee Solutions supplied the Franke AM600 FoamMaster complete with a coin / cashless module. This machine is a high-end machine with a built in intelligent cleaning system. This machine will make all the High street specialties coffee made fresh from the bean using the fresh milk system that will make perfectly foamed hot or cold milk.

We are finding a greater need for cashless mechanisms that will allow customers and staff to purchase items using Debit / Credit cards / Apple pay etc. This facility is increasing customer usage and increasing staff and customer satisfaction.

All servicing is being done by Coffee Solutions own fully trained engineers, all service calls are attended within 8 working hour time scale (the current average response time stands at 3 hour and 37 minutes)

On all the Hot Drinks Machines, we have supplied Brita Filters helping prevent taste and odours and keeping scale related problems to the minimum. We will monitor customers filters and change them when required which is why we can offer a ‘scale related guarantee’, giving all our customers with Brita Filters monitored by us peace of mind.

All our ingredients are compatible with all the machines and our trained engineers will have set the machines up accordingly to the product used to give everyone ‘Simply, great coffee. We also provide all the cleaning products and train customers how and when to use them.

At Coffee Solutions, it’s about supporting the customer not just with ingredients but knowledge of equipment. This is something the South Cambridge District Council liked about us and the fact we could supply a complete package.

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