MACAP M2D is a simply outstanding machine that utilises the real advantage of high output coffee grinding with zero waste. Perfect for the smaller cafe or home user.

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This espresso only, doserless grinder is fantastic for home or small office use. There is a knob on the bottom of the grinder that allows the user to change the time the grinder is to grind the beans for after the push button is depressed. This programmable dosage feature offers a more consistent dosage of the grinds into the portafilter over the conventional M2 grinder which has a user controlled on/off switch.

The powerful 150 watt motor is more than plenty for the home environment. The steps on the adjustment wheel allow the user to get back to certain settings without the fuss that is found on stepless grinders.

Most Baristas will agree that the quality of the grind is instrumental when producing high quality coffees. Ensure you get the most from your machine with one of our high quality commercial coffee grinders.

The extensive range of Coffee Solutions grinders ensures that every freshly ground coffee requirement can be met, from the finest creamy espresso to the cafetière, from the filter coffee to the connoisseur blend and from the café and restaurant environment to the delicatessen.

All Coffee Solutions grinders are manufactured from the highest quality materials, to exacting standards, enabling optimum grinding for any coffee type or location.


  • Stepped grinding regulation.
  • Height-adjustable filterholder.
  • One programmable dose.
  • On-Demand Grinder
  • Blade Size - 50mm dia.
  • Hopper Capacity - 225g
  • Width - 152mm Depth - 250mm Height - 382mm
  • Weight - 4.8kg
  • Warranty : One year parts & labour