Kenco Decaffeinated Vending Coffee 10 x 300g

Cat No: KEN001

A Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Instant Coffee that delivers a smooth coffee taste and enticing aroma.

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If you have coffee machines using soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality, quite the opposite in fact. If you use the Kenco range of soluble coffees you can produce a high quality drink, be it black or white or even a speciality drink such as a cappuccino.

The great taste and superior quality of Kenco freeze dried but decaffeinated, available in economical 300g bags. Ideal for using in vending machines and so offering customers a branded cup of coffee

All of the Kenco freeze dried coffees are selected and blended from the finest quality beans to deliver a range of great tasting coffee blends to suit all coffee tastes. Freeze drying the coffee locks in more flavour than other instant formats producing a fuller flavour and all round great taste. The big advantages to using instant coffee ingredients over other coffee types include speed of preparation, a longer shelf life and less weight and volume than beans or ground coffee.

100% of the beans used in Kenco are sourced from Farms that participate in the Coffee Made Happy initiative

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