Royal Perth Golfing Society

Need Extra Warmth this winter – Simply, great coffee can help!

The Royal Perth Golfing Society, instituted as a golfing society within the City of Perth in 1824, and has been meeting the needs and aspirations of its members continuously for nearly 200 years. The Club premises provide comfortable dining and recreational facilities, with overnight accommodation as well. Golf is still central to the ethos of the Club, although other sports and pastimes are now major attractions – clay target shooting, curling, bridge, walking, snooker and fishing.  Social activities are equally prominent.  The facilities also include a Dining Room – Meeting Room and Snooker Room for all your social events.
The Royal Perth Golfing Society recently purchased a new WHK Bravilor Cup Warmer from Simply, great coffee. The cup warmer pre-heats coffee cups to temperature between 65c to 70c making sure your serve your customer a quality drink at the right temperature. Compact unit, which facilities up to 120 cups with 3 layers to accommodate them.

Whatever you are looking for Simply, great coffee can help. If you need a coffee machine to go with your cup warmer, just ask our Sales Team!

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