Rectory Farm Shop Milton

Having a fun filled day at the A-Maize-ing Maze, treat yourself to a Simply, great coffee!

The Chapman family have farmed at Rectory Farm since 1988 having taken it over from an uncle, David Bull whose family had farmed here for many years. Over the years the farm has seen many changes, with Poultry & Christmas tree sales in the late 1980’s, a small farm shop to sell the farm’s produce, followed by the County’s first Maize Maze in 2003 which took the form of the farm’s scarecrow.

The Rectory Farm shop has been serving Simply, great coffee for several years, so we are extremely pleased that they have chosen us yet again to provide a Fully Refurbished Neva B2c and Bravilor Boiler during their busy summer season in the outdoor arena. You can also enjoy a fantastic coffee at the Café, made by their trained baristas while the children let off steam – perfect!

The Neva B2C is designed specifically for hotel, restaurant, catering and office applications, offering the robust performance required for consistent operation in any demanding environment. Mains plumbing is standard; however, the machine can be operated on a flow-jet pump system making it ideally suited for mobile, exhibition or temporary applications. Our refurbished table top machines are an affordable solution to customers’ that require ‘Coffee Shop’ quality – on a budget. The Bravilor Boiler can heat large quantities of water quickly to the correct temperature, reducing the time spent waiting. As the machine is connected to the water mains, the machine will automatically fill with water – no need to manually fill!

All our Refurbished coffee machines come with a 6 months warranty, (unless otherwise stated) any machine that has been refurbished will have been through our workshop. The machines are stripped down to the basics and any parts required will be replaced and any exterior work will be restored to the highest level.

Rectory Farm have also purchased our Caffe Espresso Gourmet Beans, 100% Skimmed Milk and Simply Dutch Chocolate. To give their customers a takeaway option Rectory Farm have chosen to use our 12oz and 9oz Simply, great cups and lids. All our ingredients are compatible with the machines we supply, and our trained engineers will have set the machines up according to the desired products ensuring Simply, great coffee every time. We also provide all the cleaning products and advise or train our customers how and when to use them.

If you would like any information on our Machines, Supplies or Servicing, please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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