Vitro X1 Espresso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine With Powdered Milk

The Vitro X1 Espresso is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine designed to provide peace of mind on medium demand environments providing consumers with a consistent high standard coffee experience.

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Product Description

The Coffetek Vitro X1 is a modern and elegant bean to cup coffee machine that looks at home in any commercial location, including offices, hotels and convenience stores.

Designed for medium demand environments, the Vitro X1 provides a consistently high standard of coffee that’s also extremely cost-effective. A fully automated machine, the X1 handles the whole coffee brewing process, grinding the beans, tamping and brewing in a matter of seconds

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Adaptable to suit ant location 
Vitro X1 has been designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of accessories, consumer payment options and functioning modes such as the AZK V30 variable espresso group, which allows you to adjust each recipe to your customer’s taste, offering the possibility to set a dose of 7 to 14 grams of coffee.

Vitro X1 incorporates a 700-cc boiler becoming the perfect solution for convenience stores, where service needs to be intuitive and fast. It is also the perfect solution to promote a cooperative culture in the office, offering high quality coffee, a premium user experience, and a comprehensive hot drink offer.

12 Drink Options
The Vitro X1 offers a wide variety of coffee shop favourites including Americano, latte and cappuccino, as well as velvety smooth chocolate and chocolatte. The independent hot water tap also allows for the preparation of tea.

Easy to refill coffee beans and soluble ingredients
The filling process can be done from the top, without opening the door, in a straightforward and simple way.

Easy to clean and maintain
Front removal of liquid waste tray, with no need to open the machine.

User Friendly
Choose from 12 different speciality coffee drinks via the seamless touch selection display. Drinks are then dispensed in a matter of seconds via the illuminated dispense area with two cup holder positions to avoid splashes.

Distance Selection
Prepare your favourite beverage without touching the surface of the machine. The Vitro X1 provides a safer and more hygienic coffee experience by allowing you to make a selection by hovering your finger across the surface of the selection pad.

Fast Dispense
Thanks to the high-pressure brewing system service is intuitive and fast with the Coffetek Vitro X1, making this machine the perfect option for quick turnaround situations such as coffee on the go.

Ample Capacity
The Vitro X1 offers up to 150 cups of espresso, 150 cups of cappuccino and 40 cups of hot chocolate per day. With a 1200g coffee bean hopper, 800g chocolate hopper and 600g milk powder hopper, refills are required less often.


Drink Selection 

Double Espresso   Espresso             Espresso Machiatto    Double Espresso       Espresso Machiatto   Espresso Machiatto

Americano   Americano           White Coffee    White Coffee             Flat White   Flat White         

Latte   Latte                       Cappuccino   Cappuccino                Chocolatte  Chocolatte

Hot Chocolate  Hot Chocolate       Mocha   Mocha                          Hot Water   Hot Water

  • Cups per day 150
  • Number of selections 12
  • Number of hoppers 1
  • Number of powder canisters 2
  • Bean capacity 1200g
  • Milk powder capacity 600g
  • Chocolate powder capacity 800g
  • Boiler capacity 700cc
  • Hot water spout
  • Removable tray
  • Cup holder positions 2
  • Time doser
  • Distance selection
  • Voltage 230v
  • Max power 1800w
  • Dimensions W337mm, H672mm D505mm
  • Weight 38.5Kg

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