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Vitro S1 Instant Tanked Coffee Machine

Designed specifically for hotel, restaurant, catering, car showroom and office applications, the Vitro S1 self-service beverage system offers the robust performance required for consistent operation in these demanding environments.

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Product Description

The All-new Vitro S1 manual Fill Self-Service Coffee Machine – Tanked.

Comes with standard manufacturers 12 months on-site, parts and labour warranty. This can be extended for an additional 12, 24, 36 or 48 months to give a total of up to 6 years of warranty – this is available for an extra cost at the point of order, please contact us for prices.


Vitro S1 is an automatic hot beverage machine designed with the highest quality materials and components found in our top-performance professional machines.
Its seamless and compact design fits nicely for any coffee area in a small office, hotel, convenience store or quick service restaurant. Designed to provide the ultimate coffee experience from the first cup to the last.


Has been designed to fit the smallest spaces, it is an autonomous automatic coffee machine including four soluble products as standard. Good for any location that consumes less than 60 cups per day.
  • Machine Capacity
    250 cups Espresso
    150 cups Cappuccino
    40 cups Hot chocolate
  • Productivity per hour
    Hot water 9.9 litres
    Espresso 90 cups
    Soluble drink 90 cups
    Cappuccino 70 cups

Drink Selections available:

  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Café Latte
  • Café Mocha
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Water for tea or other speciality drinks

Easy to refill soluble ingredients

The filling process can be done from the top, without opening the door, in a straightforward and simple way.

Easy to clean and maintain

Front removal of the liquid waste tray, with no need to open the machine.

Easy to refill the water tank

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the 4-litre water tank can be removed and replaced with little effort. Mains water connection kit available for longer run time.

Easy to empty and clean the waste tray

Its design allows for easy emptying and dishwasher cleaning.

Easy to clean the liquids tray

The liquids tray has a capacity of 1.2l. The design has a built-in wave breaker to avoid unwanted splashes and spills during transport or cleaning.

Easy label changing

The machine allows easy label replacement to adapt the panel to the tastes of your customers.


Designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of functioning modes and accessories.
Vitro S1 supports a cooperative culture in the office, offering high-quality coffee, a premium user experience, and comprehensive hot drinks offer.
It is also the perfect solution for coffee service in convenience stores as well as for hotels, where breakfast needs to be good but also fast. It offers a pleasurable experience with an attractive, simple and functional design.
  • Base cabinet kit – Ready to install a coin validator. (850 mm.)
  • Cup module kit – For dispensing cups.
  • Validator module kit – Ready to install a coin validator.
  • RFID Reader Kit – For product recharge cards or cashless systems
  • Water tank capacity 4 litres
  • No. of soluble product canisters 4
  • Weight 21 Kg
  • Brewing systems Instant
  • No. of mixers 2
  • Boiler type Pressure
  • Boiler capacity 315 cc
  • Selection type Direct touch keypad
  • No of selections 8
  • Voltage 230 v
  • Maximum power 1500 W
  • DIMENSIONS H 625mm x D 430mm x W 305mm

Product capacity (g) 

  • Instant Coffee 400 g
  • Decaf Coffee 400g
  • Powdered Milk 600 g
  • Chocolate 800 g
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Please note: This machine is subject to stock and availability if it is not available we will contact you with a different option. if you are more than 50 miles away from Cambridge training and installation may be chargeable and any Warranty given will be as a return-to-base Warranty.

If you would prefer us to send an engineer a call-out fee will be charged

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