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Vitro S1 Espresso MIA Automatic Plumbed Coffee Machine

Vitro S1 MIA has been designed to suit different operational business where service needs to be intuitive and fast, with a daily consumption of up to 80 cups. Offering high quality fresh milk-based coffee beverages and a premium user experience.

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Product Description
The Vitro S1 MIA is a compact coffee machine ideal for locations serving up to 80 cups per day. It enables you to offer a broad selection of espresso-based drinks with fresh milk, utilizing the innovative patented micro-injected air technology (MIA). This technology allows for the creation of everything from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos topped with exquisite foam, catering to the diverse preferences of your clients and employees. Additionally, the Vitro S1 MIA is capable of producing high-quality beverages with plant-based milk. Not only is the Vitro S1 MIA user-friendly, but it also ensures a consistently high standard of coffee experience for consumers.
The Vitro S1 MIA incorporates the latest technology to deliver delicious, consistent, and perfect drinks.
The Vitro S1 MIA is easily reprogrammable, allowing you to tailor any recipe to your customers’ preferences. You can determine the sequence of ingredient addition, choose between liquid or foamed milk, select the temperature, and specify the desired amount of foam for each selection. Your recipes will be crafted with precision, consistently delivering quality with every cup.
Here at Coffee Solutions we don’t just sell machines we can rent them as well if you need any help or advice? Give us a call on 01223 833661 or fill in our enquiry form and let us help you!!

Please note: This machine is subject to stock and availability if it is not available we will contact you with a different option.


We have developed an innovative technology without a steam boiler that allows the creation of a consistent and exquisite fresh milk foam thanks to the patented system of micro-injected air MIA.
High pressure air is injected into the milk to create millions of bubbles coated with casein, the most important protein component of fresh milk, creating a velvety and uniform texture.

The Vitro S1 MIA features a fast, safe, and user-friendly automatic cleaning process that ensures the fresh milk system is perfectly cleaned. After each use and again five minutes after the last service, the Vitro S1 MIA automatically flushes water through all the pipes under pressure to eliminate any residual milk. Additionally, a manual cleaning cycle using a specific liquid is required every 24 hours. This process is safely and easily executed, lasting 10 minutes with only 1 minute needed to initiate the cycle.


Easy to clean and maintain: Front removal of liquid waste tray, with no need to open the machine. Capacity of up to 60 Coffee cakes (7g).

Different cup sizes: Cups up to 17 cm tall can be used. A retractable cup stand is included that allows the use of small cups.

Easy to clean the liquids tray: The liquids tray has a capacity of 1.2l. The design has a built-in wave breaker to avoid unwanted splashes and spills during transport for cleaning

No. of coffee bean hoppers 1
No. of soluble product canisters 2
Product capacity
Coffee beans 1200 g
Powdered milk 600 g
Chocolate 800 g
Weight 31,2 kg
Brewing systems Espresso
No. of mixers 1
Capacity of the brewing system 5-8 g Name of the brewing system AzkV10
No. of grinders 1 Name of grinder M03 Horeca Performance
Boiler type Espresso Boiler capacity 315 cc
Selection Type  – Direct touch keypad
No of selections 8
Voltage 230 v Maximum Power 2300 W
Width 305mm
Height 670mm
Depth 430mm

Excluding Milk container Smart milk fridge (9L) ( H 390 x W 230 x D 510 mm)

Installation Requirements: 15mm Cold Main Water Supply with 3/4″ Standard Washing Machine Stop Cock.

We offer a unique Lifetime Scale-Free Guarantee on your coffee machine

All machines fitted with a water filter are guaranteed against scale-related problems. This guarantee applies for the life of the appliance so long as the filters are changed in accordance with our recommendations.

We understand that UK water contains varying levels of hardness that not only affect the performance and working life of a coffee machine but also the quality and enjoyment of the drink

This Machine comes with a standard manufacturers 12 months on site, parts and labour warranty. This can be extended for an additional 12, 24, 36 or 48 months to give a total of up to 6 years warranty – this is available for extra cost at the point of ordering, please contact us for prices.

Please note: if you are more than 60 miles away from Cambridge:

  1. Training and installation may be chargeable.
  2. Any Warranty given will be as return to base parts and labour only should you require an engineer to attend a call out fee will be charged.
  3. If you have taken out one of our extended service plans Call outs, parts and labour will be covered subject to terms and conditions.

Drink Selections available:

  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
  • Flat White
  • Café Mocha
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Water for tea or other speciality drinks

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