PG Tips Original Tea Bags 1 Cup (1100)

This extra large bag of PG Tips Tea Bags is a great option for households that are forever running out of tea bags. It is also perfect for the office or workplace, keeping everyone happy during those vital tea breaks. So stock up the cupboard and get the kettle on with this pack of 1100 PG Tips one cup tea bags from Coffee Solutions. Find out more and buy online today.

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Get the kettle on and brew up with the unmistakable favour of PG Tips tea.

Responsible Trading:Rain Forest Alliance – Awarded to farms meeting the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s social, environmental and economic standards. Farmers engaged in the Rainforest Alliance Certified program learn to grow smart, increasing their bottom line today, and conserving the fertile soils and natural resources on which their children will depend tomorrow.

PG Tips Tea Bags are the UK’s best known brand of tea bags, and are an essential ingredient in the traditional British cuppa.

PG Tips tea is now grown using sustainable methods, so you can enjoy your brew safe in the knowledge that it has been brought to you the right way.

PG Tips is one of the most widely consumed English teas. Only the top two leaves and a bud, known as tips, are chosen for PG Tips, giving the tea its name and its natural, refreshing taste.

We hope you enjoy our selection

Preparation – Add freshly boiled water and allow to infuse to preferred strength Shelf life – Store in a cool dry place away from strong smell sources

  • Allergens
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for a lactose free diet
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  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

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