Jura Compressor Cooler Pro

The 4 Litre Jura Compressor Cooler Pro is especially designed for the Impressa X7 and X9. A powerful compressor allows it to chill up to 28 degrees below ambient temperature

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Product Description

The Compressor Cooler Pro is a perfect visual match for the IMPRESSA X9 and IMPRESSA X7-S. It’s not just the design of the cooler that complements the total coffee solution from JURA. From the capacity aspect it is also ideally coordinated with the performance data of the X range. The generous dimensions of the container allow it to hold up to four litres of milk: in other words, enough to supply the twin-grinding mill IMPRESSA with milk the whole day long even when demand is high.

Technical data

  • Ideal for IMPRESSA X9 Win, X9 and X7-S
  • Compressor unit with cooling effect of more than 30°C
  • Energy-saving, automatic temperature control to 4°C
  • Milk never freezes
  • Horizontal door opening for ultra-easy handling
  • Patented Milk & Go system
  • Transparent inner container with practical filler cap
  • Two-part cleaning container for quick, easy care
  • Virtually silent
  • Milk container capacity 4 litres
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 21 x 45 x 32 cm
  • Voltage 230 V Output 85 W

Smart design from start to finish

The Compressor Cooler Pro from JURA places the same emphasis on the simple handling as on the milk. For example, by opening precisely in a horizontal position the guide rails on the front panels allow the full milk container to be easily slid into place. The milk can then be connected to the coffee machine by a simple click using the new patented Milk & Go system. Thanks to the transparent container it is always clear to see if there is still enough milk available.

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