Iberital Expression 3 Group Fully Automatic Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine

The newest addition to our range, Expression is a completely redesigned, upgraded model. Coffee Solutions have worked hard to satisfy even the most demanding barista with this machine.

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Product Description

With experience of almost 40 years, Iberital have worked hard to satisfy even the most demanding barista with this machine. The Expression constantly works to create the very best quality coffee, and its clever display screen tells you everything, from the drink temperature to how many great tasting cups you have served.

Available in 2 or 3 groups, and in a choice of 5 colours.

Designed and hand made at our factory in Barcelona

The display functions include a readout of the temperature of the steam in the boiler, dispense/shot timers for each of the brewing groups, number of coffees dispensed from each selection, total litres of water used through the machine, the machine can also be programmed to warn when the water softener needs to be replaced.

This machine is available with the option of a smaller diameter 53mm portafilter in addition to the standard 58mm portafilter. To ensure perfect coffee extraction, the machine can be supplied with varying sizes of shower disks, to accomodate ground coffee weights from 6gr to 9gr.

Iberital, the coffee universe

The journey travelled by the coffee bean, from hanging on the coffee tree to being selected, processed and roasted, all the way to its wait inside the coffee grinder, is a story of its own. A story that can be smelled, touched and in the end, tasted.

The barista holds the last and biggest responsibility: that not a single note, colour or nuance of the seed’s great journey is lost, a seed that has absorbed aromas and flavours all along its path. There is still much to be discovered about the richness and depth of the world of coffee. This is why the barista needs the tools to delight his clients and the freedom to innovate in his coffee blends and preparations.

The Iberital Expression Two Boilers effectively gives the barista the tools and the freedom to try all sorts of blends and surprise his customers, while maintaining an optimal result, faithful to the story told by each grain of coffee, one espresso after another.

Iberital pursues excellence in every machine, so that the barista can pursue excellence in every single one of his espressos.


Coffee is one of the most complex raw materials, due both to its depth and richness on the one hand and its delicacy and handling on the other. For this reason, it is essential to control brewing parameters as well as the barista’s freedom. Designed for highly demanding environments, both in terms of workload as well as the quality of extraction, the Expression Two Boilers coffee machine supplies precision and stability, two key factors in the search of the perfect brewing of each espresso, even when using the most delicate coffee blends.


The Iberital Expression Two Boilers has a double boiler system that separates the water circuits, allowing the machine to generate steam and simultaneously maintain optimal control parameters for the extraction of coffee in terms of temperature and pressure, one espresso after another, during long periods of operation and intense workload. A less power consuming system due to less heat losses and no heat interferences between boilers.

The coffee boiler is equipped with a sophisticated temperature control system that ensures its stability by applying the machine’s memory of use and modifying the parameters according to forecasts based on the available information.

A highly professional machine that will please even the most discerning barista.


A water boiler for coffee and a boiler for steam.


The temperature of the boiler is controlled by means of a thermal probe. The display shows the machine the temperature of the boiler of the coffee, allowing a dispensing of the latter to an optimal temperature.


The temperature of this boiler is controlled by pressure by a pressure switch.


The new system for controlling the temperature of the boiler allows to adjust the curve of variation of water temperature at 0.5 ° C, 1 ° C or 2 ° C. This adjustment is made by an algorithm of three constants: proportional constant Kp, Ki and integrative constant derivative constant Kd. The value of these constants depend on the power of resistance, the size of the boiler and the heat dissipation of the thermal system. This system guarantees a water temperature in constant contact with the coffee.


Varying the pressure of the boiler for steam / hot water is controlled by a switch. The temperature of hot water for tea can be adjusted manually or electronically.


A machine that allows the barista to adjust the elements he uses constantly according to his specific coffee blend and methodology


  • Boiler capacity: 2GR – coffee 3L / steam 8,4L – 3GR – coffee 4L / steam 11,5L
  • Electrical element: 2GR 1.000W coffee / steam 3.000W – 3GR 1.000W coffee / steam 3.000W
  • Front opening for easy access to the interior of the machine.
  • Central tap for boiler emptying.
  • 25A static relay and contactor.


  • Iberital EXPRESSION 2GR: 783mm (Length) x 568mm (Depth) x 455mm (Height)
  • Iberital EXPRESSION 3GR: 953mm (Length) x 568mm (Depth) x 455mm (Height)
  • Weight: 2GR 64 kg – 3GR 84 kg


  • Memorises the number of coffees made:
  • Storing them by dose
  • Displays the stored name on the display while no coffee is being made.
  • The sensitivity of the level probe can be programmed according to the hardness of the water.
  • Programming of the language of the electronics system.
  • The display indicates the selection being made: 1 espresso, 2 espressos, etc. …
  • Pre-infusion programming:
  • With or without pre-infusion. For pre-infusions, the duration can be set.
  • Automatic programming of steam temperature (optional).
  • Brewing time: The display indicates the brewing time in seconds for the last two selections.
  • Weekly programming of switching on/off.
  • Programming of litres of water consumed.
  • Programming of date and time.
  • Programming of litres of water consumed: Purifier change/regeneration warning.
  • Programming of dose and hot-water mixing (hot-cold).
  • Programming of coffee doses.
  • Programming of the unit’s automatic cleaning system.

Available in a choice of 5 exciting colours, this machine combines real presence with superb performance.

Expression Alto The Alto (tall) version has exactly the same features as the regular Expression machine but is built to accommodate taller take-away cups. It represents excellent value for money and opens up a new sales opportunity!

At a glance…

  • Temperature controlled group heads
  • Digital display for funtion and advertising
  • Water intake display
  • Lever-operated steam valves
  • Steam-operated heat exchangers, ensuring accurate temperature control
  • Adjustable boiler temperature
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Auto boiler fill
  • Programmable automatic on/off switch

Installation Requirements: 15mm Cold Main Water Supply with 3/4″ Standard Washing Machine Stop Cock.

We offer a unique Lifetime Scale-Free Guarantee on your coffee machine All machines fitted with a Brita Purity C water filter are guaranteed against scale-related problems. This guarantee applies for the life of the appliance so long as the filters are changed in accordance with Brita’s recommendations.

We understand that UK water contains varying levels of hardness that not only affect the performance and working life of a coffee machine but also the quality and enjoyment of the drink

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