Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony have been customers of coffee solutions for over 8 years, over which time they have upgraded their machines, they are currently using a Bravilor Esprecious B2C machine with our Caffe Espresso Beans100% Skimmed Milk16% Cocoa Simply Dutch Chocolate. Lawrence and his staff upgraded from a Neva B2C machine and have found the Esprecious to be a lot more user friendly, especially during the cleaning process, the machine also logs when the cleaning process has been carried out e.g dates/times so that they are able to keep a track of when the cleans are being done.

At the other salon in Summertown Oxford, they are using a Vitale S B2c with the same ingredients. At both sites the machines are fitted with Brita Water Filters which help prevent scale and takes away tastes and odours.

If you have any machine from Coffee Solutions and have a Brita Water Filter Fitted that is monitored and changed as required we will give you a Scale related guarantee.

We also supple Water Coolers for both Salons. They are using Borg & Overstrom Sparkling Elite Models, These are plumbed in machines meaning no heavy bottles to be stored and changed over, and the water will never run out. We also arrange the Sanitisation and Filter changes on the water coolers.

For information on our Water Coolers or anything else please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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