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DC Norris based in Sandy Bedfordshire, has been at the heart of the food, beverage and pet food processing industry for over 45 years. Providing fully automated processing lines and manufacturing some of the largest food processing plants around the world. From design to installation, DC Norris work closing with their clients, and using state-of-the-art 3D modelling design software, they create an on-screen simulator of a new plant – a walk through experience. Travelling around the world suppling knowledge – innovation – solutions to a diverse clientele. For more information please go to their website www.dcnorris.com

DC Norris have recently purchased a fully refurbished Hot Drinks Vending machine which they are operating themselves. The machine was a Geneva Instant Hot Only machine supplied with a fully change giving coin mech and delivered to their unit in Sandy. Prior to this, the machine was set up to vend 7oz drinks ready for the customer to plug in and go. This machine will vend arrange of drinks from Black/White Coffee – Cappuccino – Black/White Tea – Chocolate/Mocha with milk and sugar available into either a 7oz or 9oz cup or should you wish, using you own ceramic cups. This is the second refurbished machine DC Norris has purchased from us – thank you for coming back to us and we are glad to support you where we can.

If you are looking for any Vending Machines – Hot Drinks – Cans – Snack – Food Vendors, please call us to discuss your requirements. They can be new or refurbished as we like to recycle our machines. We can also provide an Operated Vending Service should your company require this (subject to location of Cambridge)

Coffee Solutions offers something a lot of other companies don’t; a range of services including training, installations, bespoke products, delivery service, in house refurbished machines, maintenance agreements, service agreements, full support, pressure testing and boiler inspections along with a range of Simply, great Coffee

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