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Corporate Modelling was founded in 2008 by Graham Twaddle having previously created two successful B2B software application companies. The nucleus of the Corporate Modelling development team, based in Glasgow, UK and led by Graham have been working together for over 15 years providing transformational software solutions to solve key business operations efficiency problems. OPX is the result of over 200-man years of business focused enterprise software development and was conceived to provide a broad, functional, cost effective and yet easy to implement solution to aid the digital transformation of back office operations.

Corporate Modelling Services needed a coffee machine that could provide their staff and visitors with Simply, great coffee with little to no fuss – this is where we come in! Our sales team spoke with Corporate Modelling Services and after discussing the various machines and services we provide, they decided on a Fully Refurbished Jura Giga X7C and milk fridge! The Jura Giga X7c machine can produce two Speciality Coffee’s at the same time, all through a simple touch of a button with favourites such as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and many more! As well as offering simple operation, the integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes can be carried out at the touch of a button, so the daily clean and maintenance is now easier than ever! This machine is also available with a tanked option, allowing flexible and mobile use. Our Milk Fridges are a perfect companion for any coffee machine, storing your milk, keeping it at the perfect temperature and with the added feature of a top hot plate to warm cups.

All our Refurbished coffee machines come with a 6 months warranty, (unless otherwise stated) any machine that has been refurbished will have been through our workshop. The machines are stripped down to the basics and any parts required will be replaced and any exterior work will be restored to the highest level.

The Jura Giga X7C is easy to use and can produce a fantastic cup of coffee, however, to ensure the machine continues to perform at the highest level, we always recommend our customers to use our cleaning and descaling products. The Jura Giga X7C requires Cleaning Tablets, Descaling Tablets and Cappuccino Cleaner. If you are unsure of which products are right for your machine, contact the team at Simply, great coffee today!

We would like to thank Corporate Modelling Services for choosing us to supply their Jura Giga X7C and Milk Fridge. We look forward to continuing to offer our services, products and advice in the future.

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