Cornerstone’s specialist services are concentrated within the energy efficiency improvement market sector, including external wall insulation, hard to treat cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Founded in 2004, they based their business on providing top quality service to their clients and building long lasting relationships with various energy companies.

Cornerstone first began serving Simply, great coffee back in 2013 with a Vitale S B2c, using our Caffe Espresso Gourmet Beans, cappuccino milk and whipchoc to create a variety of top quality beverages. After several months had passed, Cornerstone’s demand for Simply, great coffee grew too much for the Bean to Cup machine so they decided to upgrade to a Stentorfield Revive in 2014 which they filled and cleaned themselves.  Cornerstone began using our Kenco Smooth Vending Coffee as this was more suitable for the type of machine purchased, however, this didn’t affect the quality and the flavour of the hot drinks that were produced.

Attached to the Stentorfield Revive is a C150 Brita Purity Filter, this small yet powerful device filters out any impurities that may occur within the water used for the coffee machine. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that without a clean, crisp base, top quality beverages can be hard to achieve.

If you would like any information on our Stentorfield Revive or anything else please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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