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Clarkson Catering is one of the leading films and TV location catering companies in the UK. Founded in 1991, it has built an enviable reputation for its consistent high quality, diverse menus and customer satisfaction. Partners Ken Clarkson and Mark Soar have both worked in the film catering industry since 1982. Their motto is: “You’re not famous until we’ve fed you!”. Their catering service is totally bespoke to meet the demands of the high pressures of the TV and filming industry. Ken and Mark’s commitment to their customers is well known; and anyone who’s worked with them will tell you that their upbeat personalities and witty banter come for free!

When it comes to supplying refreshments to leading film and tv personalities – only the best will do! Clarkson Catering have purchased a fantastic Vitale S B2C. The Vitale B2c available as Mains Water Fed or Tanked, is designed with a small foot print in mind, but with big aspirations providing quality drinks made with freshly ground beans every time. It would be classified as an ‘entry level’ machine if you are looking to provide Espresso – Americano – Cappuccino – Caffe Latte – Chocolate – Mocha – Hot Water, one size drinks. Great for small hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, offices or with the Tank Fed option, mobile or exhibitions where plumbing is not available.

As the Vitale is plumbed into the water mains, Clarkson Catering know that to protect their machine against scale, they needed to fit a Brita Purity C Filter. The Brita filters will help to prevent unwanted taste and odours within the water and keep scale related problems to a minimum. We can monitor your Brita Filters and change it when required, giving you a ‘scale related guarantee’ and peace of mind.

Everyone knows that the only way to get delicious, high quality coffee is by using perfectly roasted coffee beans – that’s where Simply, great coffee can help! Clarkson Catering have purchased our Caffe Espresso Gourmet Beans, 100% Skimmed Milk and Simply Dutch Hot Chocolate. All our ingredients are compatible with the machines we supply, and our trained engineers will have set the machines up according to the desired products ensuring Simply, great coffee every time. We also provide all the cleaning products and advise or train our customers how and when to use them.

On all our equipment we can offer leasing. Request details from one of our Sales Team.

We would like to thank Clarkson Catering for choosing us to supply their Vitale B2C and ingredients. We look forward to continuing to offer our services, products and advice in the future.

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