Bath Tap Kiosk

A day at the beach with Simply, great coffee!

The Bath Tap Kiosk have been customers of ours for many years. We supplied their first machine 2012 supplying customer out for a day by the sea with Simply, great coffee.

We have recently installed a Fully Refurbished Bravilor Bolero XL to Bath Tap Kiosk in Felixstowe replacing their previous Stentorfield Revive! A fast and efficient hot drinks dispenser, the Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL provides rapid dispensing of up to 9 different drinks options at the simple touch of a button. Incredibly easy to fill and maintain, the Bolero XL is ideally placed in busy self-service areas in hotels, service stations and waiting areas. This machine also benefits from including total and daily dispensing counters to help keep control of costs and usage.

All our Refurbished coffee machines come with a 6 months warranty, (unless otherwise stated) any machine that has been refurbished will have been through our workshop. The machines are stripped down to the basics and any parts required will be replaced and any exterior work will be restored to the highest level.

To help protect the machine from scale and impurities within the water supply, Bath Tap Kiosk are currently using their existing Brita C150 Water Filter. This filter will be changed on a 6-monthly basis. If monitored by Simply, great coffee, we will give you a scale related guarantee, giving the customer ‘peace of mind’.

If you are looking for a cappuccino machine, espresso machine, coffee machine, water cooler, snack machine or soft drinks machine then you are in the right place. We only recommend and supply machines from reputable and established manufacturers, who are recognised as leaders in their field, who understand and support our beliefs and principles. We provide these machines with a package of flexible finance proposals so you can choose what’s right for your budget with everything you’ll need to produce and serve Simply, Great Coffee.

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