Anne’s Thai Kitchen

A taste of the Orient – Now servicing Simply, great coffee!

Anne’s Thai Kitchen based in March; Cambridgeshire is a friendly authentic Thai restaurant is situated in Station Road a short walk from the River Nene. The seating is limited but they do a great takeaway service and they have great reviews for their food and service.

We have recently installed a fully refurbished Vitro B2C is designed specifically for hotel, restaurant, catering and office applications, offering the robust performance required for consistent operation in any demanding environment. This machine can vend a range of drinks from Cappuccino – Espresso – Americano- Caffe Latte – Chocolate – Chocolatte – Mocha – Hot Water and some have the option of a go large drink selection to be able to vend two size drinks (subject to software). Mains plumbing is standard; however, the machine can be operated on a flow-jet pump system making it ideally suited for mobile, exhibition or temporary applications. Our refurbished table top machines are an affordable solution to customers’ that require ‘Coffee Shop’ quality – on a budget.

Anne’s Thai Kitchen, as we recommend to all our customers that Coffee Machines that are plumbed in should be set up with a Brita Purity C Filter, they had a C150 Brita fitted. The Brita filters will help to prevent unwanted taste and odours within the water and keep scale related problems to a minimum. We can monitor your Brita Filters and change it when required, giving you a ‘scale related guarantee’ and peace of mind.

Anne’s Thai Kitchen are using our Caffe Espresso Gourmet Beans, 100% Skimmed Milk and our 12oz Ripple Cups with lids.  All our ingredients are compatible with the machines we supply, and our trained engineers will have set the machines up according to the desired products ensuring Simply, great coffee every time. We also provide all the cleaning products and advise or train our customers how and when to use them, this will prolong the life of your coffee machine.

All our refurbished machines become available after upgrading customers to new machines or end of lease machines, so we recycle the old ones and offer them as refurbished.

If you are looking for any Vending Machines – Hot Drinks – Cans – Snack – Food Vendors, please call us to discuss your requirements. They can be new or refurbished as we like to recycle our machines. We can also provide an Operated Vending Service should your company require this (subject to location of Cambridge)

If you would like any information on our MachinesSupplies or Servicing, please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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