CO2 Gas Bottle (E290) 600g Single

Cat No: AZU002
CO2 Gas Bottle (E290) 600g SingleCO2 Gas Bottle (E290) 600g Single
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A Single CO2 Bottle for sparklig water (and beer dispenser)

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CO2 Bottle for sparklig water (and beer dispenser)

For POU with sparkling water. Made in Italy and certified by TUV. The gas is carbon bioxide with food E290 approval.

Pressure inside is dependent on temperature, between 50 and 60 bar.

The bottle needs a gas pressure reducer. A stand for the Co2 bottle is available to buy.


Keep far from heat, store in a cool dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not remove or tamper with the valve.

Do not hit the bottle.

Use the bottle properly.

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