WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines. Every coffee system is unique in itself and a specialist for meeting individual needs. To this date all of the WMF coffee machines are being manufactured in Geislingen and can therefore pride themselves on being MADE IN GERMANY.

The entire of the WMF coffee machines product range covers a unique spectrum that truly offers everyone a customised machine. Whether the focus is on the latest specialities or on high cup capacities, whether hot or cold milk foam or milk toppings are asked for - at WMF, the coffee machine fittings are centred on you and never the other way around.

  1. WMF Espresso 2 Group Automatic 2 group coffee machine 

    Two Group duel bean hopper 

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  2. The entry-level model in the WMF coffee machine range is the WMF 1100. It's the perfect choice for offices, small businesses and cafes with an output ability of 80 cups a day.

    It's compact in size but has key features at par to any other commercial coffee machine. It offers maximum freedom in beverage selection with choices of espresso, café crème, cappuccino, milk coffee, latte macchiato, milk-choc and chociatto. A central hot water dispenser also supplements the beverage menu with perfectly tempered tea specialities.

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  3. The new mid-level model in the WMF coffee machine range is the WMF 1500+. It's the perfect choice for offices, mid-sized businesses and cafes with an output ability of 180 cups a day.

    It's compact in size but is a fully automatic speciality coffee machine for Americano, Espresso, Café Crème, Cappuccino, Café Latte, White Coffee and Chocolate.

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  4. The WMF 5000 is a high volume super automatic coffee machine, which produces real expresso based speciality coffee beverages, at the press of a button. It is recommended for a daily volume of 400+ beverages and features all of WMFs industry leading technologies. 



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