Sanremo D8 2 Group Black/Black & White

The D8 is built to deliver top-notch performance and consistency within a commercial setting. Its advanced features, including the multi-boiler system, precise temperature control, and user-friendly interface, make it a valuable asset for any busy coffee shop. Great for businesses serving up to 250 drinks per day.

This machine is also available in  the 3 group option.


£4,302.00ex. VAT

£5,162.40Inc. VAT


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Product Description

The D8 is a high-performance espresso machine.

It’s known for its reliability, precision, and advanced technology. This machine has been designed for busy coffee shops and baristas who demand consistency and quality in every cup, this machine combines modern features with user-friendly functionality.

A number of optional extras are available to purchase alongside your machine.

Colours Avaliable: Black or Black & White

Here at Coffee Solutions we don’t just sell machines we can rent them as well if you need any help or advice? Give us a call on 01223 833661 or fill in our enquiry form and let us help you!!

Please note: This machine is subject to stock and availability if it is not available we will contact you with a different option.

  1. Precision and Consistency

The D8 has an advanced temperature control system that ensures a consistent brewing temperature. This is accomplished through its multi-boiler system which allows for an independent temperature control for each group head.

  1. User Friendly Interface

The D8 features an intelligent touchscreen, making it easy for baristas to adjust settings and keep an eye on the machine’s performance. This allows for customization of brewing guidelines such as temperature, pre-infusion time, and shot volume; providing baristas with complete control over the brewing process.

  1. Durability and Build Quality

Built with high-quality materials, the D8 is designed to withstand the day-to-day of a busy coffee shop environment. The strong construction ensures long-term durability. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any café setting.

  1. Efficiency and Speed

Speed and efficiency are extremely important in the coffee shop environment. The D8’s multi-boiler system ensures temperature stability and allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming thus reducing wait times and improving overall workflow. The machine has a quick recovery time between shots meaning that baristas can maintain a fast-paced service without compromising on quality.

  1. Advanced Technology

The D8 incorporates innovative technology to improve the brewing experience.  Volumetric dosing ensures consistent shot volumes and programmable pre-infusion settings allow baristas to optimize extraction for different coffee profiles. The machine’s energy-saving modes help reduce power consumption during periods of low use, making it more environmentally friendly.



    • Dimensions (WxDxH): Approximately 750 x 590 x 520 mm (29.5 x 23.2 x 20.5 inches)
    • Weight: Around 80 kg, depending on the specific model and configuration

Boiler System:

    • Main Boiler Capacity: 10 litres
    • Group Head Boilers: Individual boilers for each group head, typically 1.5 litres each
    • Material: Stainless steel.

Power and Electrical Requirements:

    • Voltage: 220-240V (single-phase) or 380-415V (three-phase)
    • Power Consumption: 5000W to 6000W
    • Heating Elements: High-efficiency elements for quick heating and temperature stability

Group Heads:

    • Number of Groups: Available in 2-group and 3-group configurations
    • Group Type: Commercial-grade with precision temperature control
    • Pre-Infusion: Programmable pre-infusion settings for optimal extraction


    • Type: Rotary vane pump
    • Pressure: Adjustable pressure settings, typically around 9 bar.

Control Interface:

    • Display: Intuitive touchscreen interface
    • Programmability: Customizable settings for temperature, pre-infusion and shot volume
    • Indicators: Monitoring of temperature, pressure, and shot timing

Steam and Hot Water:

    • Steam Wands: Multiple steam wands with high steam power for milk frothing
    • Hot Water Dispenser: Separate hot water outlet for tea and other beverages
    • Steam Pressure: High-pressure steam for quick and consistent milk texturing

Build Quality and Materials:

    • Frame: Heavy duty stainless steel for durability
    • Casing: Stainless steel and high quality materials for a sleek, professional look
    • Drip Tray: Large capacity drip tray with easy removal for cleaning

Additional Features:

    • Cup Warmer: Cup warming tray on top of the machine
    • Energy-Saving Modes: Programmable energy saving settings for reduced power consumption during low usage periods
    • LED Lighting: Illuminated working area
    • Water Filtration: Integrated water filtration system to ensure water quality and prolong machine life

We provide FREE barista training at our Cambridge based showroom for every machine purchased. For further details please contact our office on 01223 833661

This Machine comes with a standard manufacturers 12 months on site, parts and labour warranty. This can be extended for an additional 12, 24, 36 or 48 months to give a total of up to 6 years warranty – this is available for extra cost at the point of ordering, please contact us for prices.

Installation Requirements: 15mm Cold Main Water Supply with 3/4″ Standard Washing Machine Stop Cock.

We offer a unique Lifetime Scale-Free Guarantee on your coffee machine

All machines fitted with a water filter are guaranteed against scale-related problems. This guarantee applies for the life of the appliance so long as the filters are changed in accordance with recommendations.

We understand that UK water contains varying levels of hardness that not only affect the performance and working life of a coffee machine but also the quality and enjoyment of the drink.

Please note, if you are more than 60 miles away from Cambridge:

  1. Training and installation may be chargeable.
  2. Any Warranty given will be as return to base parts and labour only should you require an engineer to attend a call out fee will be charged.
  3. If you have taken out one of our extended service plans, call outs, parts and labour will be covered subject to terms and conditions.

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