Caffe Marco Gourmet Coffee Beans (12 x 500g)

Caffe Marco Gourmet Coffee Beans Great Taste Award Winner!
A dark roasted and intense espresso blend made with Robusta beans. Strength Guide 5

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Tasting Notes
Product Description

This blend is an exploration into the depth of flavour that can only be achieved through Robusta. The blend composition of 100% Robusta beans gives Caffe Marco its intense strength. Hailing from select sources, these beans are renowned for their richness and boldness, setting the stage for an espresso with an unforgettable character. It is roasted dark to further enhance its richness and intensity, accentuating the existing sharpness of the Robusta.

A full-bodied profile, where velvety cocoa and the warmth of toasted nuts create an indulgent interplay, this blend offers an experience that lingers with a gratifying aftertaste, inviting you to revel in the journey long after your cup is empty.

Tasting Notes

Caffe Marco Gourmet Beans

Origins: India (Kerala, Karnataka)
Harvest: January – April
Altitude: 700 – 1200 masl
Process: Natural
Roast: Dark

Origins: India

Cup Profile: This coffee is a full bodied punch coffee with a velvety mouth feel and bittersweet cocoa notes in the aftertaste. It is pleasant as an espresso or in milk based drinks.

India: This high quality natural processed robusta is shade grown amongst other plants such as cardamom and pepper. This coffee is full bodied with a velvety mouth feel and dark cocoa notes in the aftertaste. This coffee lends itself to adding power to an espresso blend.

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