9oz Paper Vending Takeaway Cups 1 x 1000 (250ml)

These 9oz (250ml) takeaway hot drinks cups provide an affordable way to offer hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc, to your customers. Simply great coffee design

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Product Description

These 9oz (250ml) paper vending cups have a 73mm rim diameter making them suitable for use in automatic vending machines. They can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Produced from food grade poly coated cup board, the vending cups are 100% Recyclable.

Featuring our Simply great coffee design with the words ‘Caution contents may be hot’ on the side.

Please recycle your disposable vending cups where possible.

These takeaway hot drinks cups provide an affordable way to offer hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc, to your customers.

Cups Made With Paper From Sustainable Forests Fantastic designer disposable paper takeaway speciality coffee cups with patented logo.

Made with paper from a fully sustainable forest. Ensuring that all paper materials used are fully renewable. We would encourage you, as our customer to recycle your disposable paper cups when possible.

Coffee Solutions are proud to introduce our new Simply, Great Green and Black Paper Coffee Cups. These are designed specifically to fit underneath the style of automatic Coffee Machine frequently found at high street coffee chains. Capacity-wise, we have either 8/9oz or 12 oz. These cups are exclusive to Coffee Solutions.

Our Single Wall Paper cups work well in any retail situation. we’ve combined great paper cup preformance with elegant design

Made in standard weight paperboard, with PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody accreditation and full compliance with EU Timber Regulations

An inner coating of food grade PE (polyethylene) to seal the cup and securely hold the hot drink

Can be custom printed in up to six colours of environmentally-considerate water-based inks.

The base is printed with our traceability code so the cup can be traced back throughout the manufacturing process and subsequently to the forest it originated from

Available in a range of sizes, from 4oz paper espresso cups to 12oz designs

A range of lids available specifically made to fit these paper cups.

You can also Promote Your Brand / Company with Printed Paper Cups Our customised paper cups are great for brand reinforcement or advertising at corporate and outdoor events. Use them too in hot or cold vending machines, or in cafés for small takeaway cappuccinos, coffees and teas – even soup.

  • Printed Paper Cups with your Branding!
  • Printed paper cups from a minimum order of just 1,000 cups
  • In-house design team to complete your artwork
  • Single and double wall branded cups Available in 8/9oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes
  • Great for events, exhibitions and marketing campaigns

Our fast lead time and low minimum order make these cups ideal. We manufacture our cup print runs in our UK factory. Support British made products by ordering paper cups from us.

Designing & Printing Paper Cups Artwork must be in the form of a PDF or illustrator file We can send you paper cup templates if you would prefer your own designer to create your artwork. We print all of our printed cups in-house.

Welcome to Coffee Solutions, the home of simply great coffee. We know how important coffee is to your daily routine and visiting your favourite barista 5 times a day isn’t an option for most of us, that’s why we source the best coffee machines on the market so you can enjoy premium quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate whenever you want, wherever you are. If there’s one thing we care about it’s the quality of our coffee, that is why our table top machines are ideal for offices, hotels and restaurants, they are user friendly and produce exquisite coffee that would please the pallet of the most discerning connoisseur, they are perfect for demanding environments where beautiful coffee is needed in a flash.

Here at Coffee Solutions we don’t just trade in tea and coffee, we are passionate about it. We want to bring you the pleasures of tea and coffee from around the world so you can share in our passion and make your drinking an experience to be savoured. All our Ingredients are made exclusively under license for Coffee Solutions

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