Kings Barbers Ramsey

Taken in by the power that savouring a Simply, great cup of coffee can connect people and a community within the High Street.

Kings Barbers in Ramsey, one of many of their exceptional Barber Shops, offer the more traditional barber services but also new and personal services. Whether you are looking a haircut, cut-throat shave, personal hot towel, nose waxing – Kings Barbers guarantee you a first-class experience. They offer a great range of products and advise on how to use them. Walk in or book appointment and if your little ones want a great Barber experience – Kings Barbers will make sure they are treated with care. Their master barbers are trained by the top barber schools in the UK.

Kings Barbers Ramsey have recently had a New Vitale Bean to Cup machine and a refurbished table top Water Cooler installed to offer their cliental Simply, great coffee and chilled water, whilst experiencing a first-class pampering. The Vitale Bean to Cup Machine is available as Mains Water Fed or Tanked, this machine is designed with a small footprint in mind, but with big aspirations providing quality drinks made with freshly ground beans every time. It would be classified as an ‘entry level’ machine if you are looking to provide Espresso – Americano – Cappuccino – Caffe Latte – Chocolate – Mocha – Hot Water, one size drinks. Great for small hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, offices or with the Tank Fed option, mobile or exhibitions where plumbing is not available.

Kings Barbers realise the need to protect the machine against scale and other related water problems. To help protect the machine from scale and impurities within the water supply, we fitted a C150 Brita Water Filter and have arrange to change the filter every 12 months. If monitored by Simply, great coffee, we will give you a scale related guarantee, giving the customer ‘peace of mind’.

We recommend to all our customers to use our cleaning and descaling products to ensure that the coffee machine continues to perform at the highest level. Our Vitale S B2c machines require Cleaning Tablets, Descaling Tablets if tank fed and Liquid Quartz. If you are unsure of which products are right for your machine, contact the team at Simply, great coffee today!

The Borg & Overstrom B2 is a main fed cooler meaning you will never have to order, carry or store heavy bottles again. We recommend this system for busier environments because of its optimum dispense performance and unrivalled hygienic qualities. If you’re looking for a new or refurbished water cooler, we stock a wide range of still and sparkling water coolers for businesses of any size, from countertop units for small offices and private customers to floor-standing water coolers suited for larger companies with multiple sites.

We would like to thank Kings Barbers, Ramsey for choosing us to supply their Vitale Bean to Cup and Water Cooler machines and look forward to continuing to offer our services, products and advice in the future.

If you would like any information on our MachinesSupplies or Servicing, please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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