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Developing, Investing and Financing while enjoying a Simply, great machine!

The Abstract Group, established in 2000, specialises in commercial property development, investment and venture capital financing. Over the past 5 years Abstract has built or has under construction over 1 million sq. Ft. of net lettable offices across the UK, together with a major office refurbishment of 250,000 sq. Ft. making it one of the country’s largest regional developers.

Abstract, based in Basingstoke, have recently purchased a brand new Bravilor Esprecious Coffee Machine for one of their newly constructed property.  The Bravilor Esprecious Bean to Cup Machines have a touch screen display that can be customised with your company’s logo’s. The machine is able provide a range of drinks from Espresso to Flat White and Mocha, they can also be programmed to vend two size drinks or two drinks at a time making this a very versatile machine. The Bravilor Esprecious machine is now available with a Fresh Milk Module, on new machines only.

Abstract chose to purchase their coffee machine however, we are able to offer leasing options to all our customers over 3 or 5 years, spreading out the payments so that you can enjoy a top-quality machine without the worry of covering the cost upfront. If you are interested in leasing a new or refurbished machine, please get in touch with our sales team today!

We have also supplied Abstract with a Brita C500 Filter, this will help to prevent unwanted tastes and odours from within the water and reduce any scale related problems. We monitor the filters that are fitted to our customers machines and if they are being changed when recommended, we give a ‘scale related guarantee’ giving our customers peace of mind.

If needed, we can supply you with all the products needed to keep your machine running smoothly. All our ingredients are compatible with the machines we supply, and our trained engineers will have set the machines up accordingly to the desired product ensuring, Simply, great coffee every time. We also provide all the cleaning products and advise our customers on how and when to use them.

If you would like any information on our Esprecious Machines or anything else, please do not hesitate to click here and contact us or give the office a call on 01223 833661

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