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Our popular Flora Tea Lantern Gift Boxes are sold individually and are a great ultimate gift idea for any occasion. It is delightfully elegant and a unique surprise to that someone special. Our Gift Boxes come empty so you can include your choice of the revitalizing flower teas in the range (Total of 6).

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Flat Pack Box Only

Captivate your customers, friends and family and share the enriching flavours.

Green Tea helps to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and lower chloesterol. It also increases the metabolism and the fat oxidation process

Jasmine Calming, good for the digestive system and Kidneys, helps to regulate the natural female cycle

Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Helps to soothe coughs, good for the digestive system

Lily helps to ease and give restful sleep, good for the liver and eyes

Carnation Helps to improve blood circulation and strengthens metabolism

Chrysanthemum/Marigold helps to soothe sore throat and coughs

Coconut Fruit Fibre Helps to relieve catarrh, soothe the liver and regulate the stomach Globe Amaranth Purifying, good for the liver and eyes, helps to alleviate high blood pressure

Rose Contains high levels of essential vitamins. Calming, good for the digestive sysytem and kidneys

Here at Coffee Solutions we don't just trade in tea and coffee, we are passionate about it. We want to bring you the pleasures of tea and coffee from around the world so you can share in our passion and make your drinking an experience to be savoured. All our Ingredients are made exclusively under license for Coffee Solutions

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