Caffe Decaff Gourmet Filter Coffee (50 x 50g) Sachets

Cat No: DEC001

Caffe Decaff Gourmet Filter Coffee 50 x 50g sachets

This coffee is made exclusively under License in the UK for Coffee Solutions. Strength Guide 2

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Origin: 100% MC Decaff Central America

Cup profile: A chocolatey coffee with hints of dark fruit acidity. Great as an everyday American or milk based drink for those looking to have a limited caffeine intake.
A washed process coffee from Central America is processed using the MC process to remove 99% of the caffeine.

Coffee Solutions Filter Coffees are packed in stay fresh filter coffee foil and complete with filter papers.

Pre portioned and ground specifically for Commercial filter coffee machines. Each box contains 45 sachets and each sachet contains 50g of this specially selected, rounded, full bodied filter coffee. 50g of coffee is the ideal measure to make 3 pints / 12 cups of fresh coffee. Alternatively you can also use these sachets in larger cafetieres.

The benefits of using measured coffee sachets is that coffee waste and differences between each brew. It introduces ease of use, consistency and a foolproof way of producing high quality coffee time and time again. Simply put water for 3 pints / 12 cups in your coffee machine, open a coffee sachet and add the coffee.


Cost per sachet and cost per cup You will pay just £0.80 per sachet and that works out at just £0.066 per cup (based on 3 pints / 12 cups).

Every sachet features full instructions on how to make the perfect coffee

  • Use one full sachet per jug
  • Use fresh cold water
  • DON'T re-heat or re-cycle or boil the coffee
  • Regularly clean and descale your machine

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