Bravilor Bonamat FreshMore 310 Coffee Machine


Whether you choose for a cup of fresh filter coffee or a delicious cappuccino, coffee with milk the FreshMore offers a broad range of coffee varieties. Besides, you can also choose hot chocolate or hot water. Supplemented by variable coffee strength selection and a selection button for adding milk, this machine is perfect for every location.

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Apart from the canister for fresh brew coffee, the FreshMore coffee also has models with two or three canisters for instant products. The FreshMore is suitable for locations with water connection and is equipped with digital control, separate hot water tap, plastic drip tray, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme.

Provided with 3 canisters for coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, coffee with milk, espreschoc and hot water. With selector key for adding milk to the coffee and a separate outlet for hot water to make tea or soup. For locations with water connection. Additionally, the machine has been equipped with digital control, plastic drip tray, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme. Also available in model with coin mechanism (C).

Strong points

  • Five standard LED colours and the option to set one colour as desired
  • Individual setting options
  • Little maintenance: automatic descale and rinsing programme
  • Unique hot water system: less sensitive to scale
  • Descale indicator
  • Waste bin full
  • indicator Sliding drip tray
  • Total and day counters
  • Selector button for cup, mug or (vacuum) jug

Type: Fresh brew machines

  • Beverages: Cafe au lait / Cappuccino / Coffee / Espressochoc / Espresso / Hot Chocolate / Moccachino / Hot water
  • Energy label: A
  • Canister contents: 1 x 3.2 litre / 2 x 1.3 litre
  • Hour capacity coffee: 20 litres
  • Brewing time: 23 seconds
  • Water pressure: 1 bar
  • Water connection
  • Power:230V~ 50Hz 2300W
  • Dimensions w x d x h 335 x 505 x 800mm

We offer a unique Lifetime Scale-Free Guarantee on your coffee machine All machines fitted with a Brita Purity C water filter are guaranteed against scale-related problems. This guarantee applies for the life of the appliance so long as the filters are changed in accordance with Brita's recommendations.

We understand that UK water contains varying levels of hardness that not only affect the performance and working life of a coffee machine but also the quality and enjoyment of the drink

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