Jura Domestic Coffee Machines

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is enough to entice most of us out of bed in the morning. The ritual of the preparation, along with the taste and satisfaction of that first cup, is something every coffee lover looks forward to – so why settle for instant coffee when you can have a café quality cup whenever you want?

A Range of Machines

Coffee plays a big role in many people’s days, from waking up with your morning coffee, to a post lunch perk up, to relaxing with a cup after work or dinner. Our range of Jura machines covers the needs of every home and situation, from compact machines to fit easily in to the kitchen, to efficient bean-to-cup machines which give you a range of flavour options at the touch of a button.

Simply Great Coffee

For the perfect cup of coffee every time, take a look at the range of Jura machines that we offer. There’s something for everyone in the range, so you’re bound to find the machine to provide your home with the great coffee that you deserve. Have a browse of our Jura range today.